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"The most powerful tool we have as developers is automation." 
— Scott Hanselman


DevOps Services

Companies seeking a fast and high-quality software release cycle should invest in building the necessary processes, tools and infrastructure.

To support you in this, our DevOps consultants will assess the as-is status of your current infrastructures and processes. We will provide you with recommendations that include, for example, a release management strategy, continuous delivery pipelines or quality control automation. All of this is, of course, aligned with your business objectives. Our IT experts provide you with operational support in orchestrating your infrastructure using modern technologies such as Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes or Docker.



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What we deliver

tech stack
Technology Stack

We will have a team of DevOps engineers evaluate your current infrastructure, and then develop and integrate a best practice strategy for Continuous Integration, Version Control Management, Continuous Delivery pipelines, and quality control automation that will help you meet your objectives.

We use a full Agile development environment based on GitLab-CI, Jenkins and GitHub Actions to build large scale Software in a completely automated process, from inception to Continuous Delivery.

Our technology stack includes also OpenShift, OpenStack and Rancher.

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Infrastructure As Code (IAC) is a software development practice that allows for the automation of the deployment and configuration of computer systems. IAC is meant to replace manual deployment and configuration, making it possible to create an entire system's infrastructure from a single source.

We use Terraform and CloudFormation to provision machines and resources. We also support Ansible, Puppet, Chef and Salt to manage software packages, configurations and deployment across multiple cloud providers


Container-Workloads are a way to package, deploy and run code in an isolated environment. Containers allow for faster and more reliable deployments, as well as the ability to do development in a environment that accurately emulates production circumstances.


Kubernetes is a container orchestration system designed to make it easier to deploy, manage and scale applications. Kubernetes provides an API that allows you to create, update and delete containerized applications as well as scale them out or in.

Monitoring and Support
Your application is in good hands with our DevOps team. We offer monitoring solutions for your applications, troubleshoot and remediate issues in your CI/CD pipelines and build deployment processes. You don't need to worry about your application at any stage from development through delivery to deployment—we've got it covered.

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