Integrate your data. Boost your potential.

Octobus - the IIoT platform that lets you collect, monitor and analyze your data to make your business more successful.

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Octobus is the IIoT Platform that helps you develop any kind of project, specially optimized for industrial use. The main goal of the platform is to be flexible, allowing users to configure and combine many different options so they can adapt it to their specific needs.






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What is OCTOBUS?

With OCTOBUS you experience

Balanced Station Workloads If your assembly line stations are utilized,
you are likely to experience an increased
production rate and reduced total processing time.

Quality Improvement - Detecting quality problems at the source improves your production yield, and reduces your cost and time.

Reduced Errors - High Data Quality will reduce the biggest risk associated with manual labor.

Real-Time Information -With accurate, ongoing, real-time information about your assembly line, you are equipped to foresee potential issues and able to react to them when they arise.

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Simply connect your data

Set Up Your Workspace - Manage your organization,
Register your assets,
Define your measurements

Connect Your Devices - Know your devices,
Configure your connection,
Retrieve your data

Visualize Your Data - Create your own dashboards,
Customize to your needs,
Interact with your data

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Industry - From solar or aquafarming to manufacturing. We are industry agnostic.

Hardware Manufacturers - PLCs are a key component for the collection and
transmission of data.
We provide complete coverage of all well known PLC manufacturers.

Edge Box - Edge devices interface with PLCs. They provide real-time data processing and transformation functionality at the edge before transmission and storage into the cloud.

Cloud & On-Premise - OCTOBUS provides both SaaS and on premise solutions.

Save - Save costs, prevent outages,ensure a high productivityand information availability.
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